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A Few Registered Companies from A9 Digital


A Few Reasons Why you should Register your Business 📖 📖

Certificate of incorporation by corporate affairs commission (CAC) 

Upon registration of a business, the commission issues a certificate of incorporation to the business owner evidencing that such business has been registered. Registering your business gives you the right to operate that business.

Protection from personal liability

When a small business in Nigeria is registered, the business owner has a separate legal identity from the business itself. Thus, the business owner gets separate legal protection. Where liability arises from the business, the owner will not be held personally liable or responsible. 

Now, Registering your Business is very very EASY 😌😌

There are two types, First is Business name, Otherwise known as Venture or Enterprise, which are for small and medium scale businesses and with just N10,000 the journey begins.

LLC, otherwise known as Limited or Limited Liability Company. Now, this registration implies that your business is not a small scale & medium business. You can get access to higher loans, handling huge sum of money with your business account, taking on shareholders or Partners. and with just N20,000, the journey begins.

Sebi you know you need to register your business! 🙄

So why are you still Hesitating? Just so you know, you don't necessarily have to pay out rightly, You can pay twice. There are two stages to the registration.

Stage 1

The name search, to see if the name is available, if it is, they would approve it, but if someone is using a similar name or something close to it, they would deny it. Then you would have to come up with another name to run another name search.

Stage 2

But if the name was approved, then I proceed and pay for the registration, we wait for a few days of processing and it gets Registered. Please note that the registration take 5 to 15 working days. In most cases, it's usually faster.

Business Registered!

Once the registration is complete, you would be getting a digital certificate and backing documents that you can print at your discretion. 💯 💯


Businesses Registered


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N25,000 is the price you will see around for business name! A9 Digital is willing to do it for your business at N20,000. Take this chance now to Register your Business Today! This Offer last till the end of November. And with just 10k, work can begin! Take Action Now!

What We Offer!!!


Business Name/Ventures/Enterprise

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Good for Small & Medium Scale Businesses
  • Access to Loans
  • Certificate ready within 5 to 15 working days

Limited Liability Company

  • 1 Million Shares
  • Shareholders
  • Access to Higher loans
  • For Large Scale Businesses
  • Certificate ready within 5 to 15 working days

Limited Liability Company

  • 2 Million Shares
  • Shareholders
  • Access to Huge loans
  • For Large Scale Businesses
  • Certificate ready within 5 to 15 working days


Two business name, Details of business, Full name, date of birth, Home address & Local Government Area, Business address, Phone number, Business email address (if there is one), a picture of your; means of identification, Passport , photograph, and Signature.

There is absolutely no need for your presence as everything is being done digitally. We register businesses for Nigerians who live abroad.

Yes of course, you can pay twice. Once first payment has been initiated, we start the process, and second payment comes in after the name search has been approved. Note that, once the name search has been approved, it is reserved for a period of 60 days(2 months), so within this period, the balance can be paid. But also note that, the 5 to 15 working days starts to count after all payment has been made.

Not exactly. Corporate Affairs Commission stopped giving out certificate December 31st, 2020 and switched to digital certificate. So what you will be getting is a portable Document File (PDF) which is equally valid. But at A9 Digital, we can get it printed for you if you insist.

This is quite common. But not too worry, since your Digital copy is still with you, preferably kept in your email or google drive, all you have to do is reprint and you are good to go. but in situations where you don’t have both the physical & Digital copy, you will have to pay N15,000 to regenerate your certificate